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Best VIP Resorts Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is the resort on the beach?

A:  The resort is situated directly by the Cofresi beach, near Puerto Plata.  The hotel accommodations are closest to the beach with the residence suites and Crown Villas situated a little further away but all are within walking distance.

Q:  What if I want to stay 10 days, what rate should I apply?

A:  Your rate would be the weekly rate plus the discounted daily rate for the 3 additional days.

Q:  Are the prices listed on your web site the lowest possible prices?

A:  Yes, but we reward our returning guests with special promotions from time to time.

Q:  Are the VIP Amenities available to all accommodations?

A:  Yes, regardless of which accommodation you stay in, you will receive a VIP wristband on arrival at the resort entitling you to full use of all the VIP Amenities and privileges for the duration of your stay.

Q:  How long does the reservation process take?

A:  Reservations can usually be confirmed for your stay within 2 – 4 days.

Q:  Is there a fee for under occupancy?

A:  There is no fee for under occupancy.  The prices are set based on the number of bedrooms for the week, not per person.

Q:  What is VIP membership?

A:  The Lifestyle V.I.P. World is exclusive for Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members and member’s guests only.  The membership includes member’s only amenities and services such as bars, lounges, café, restaurant, entertainment, and promotions to enhance your stay and create a special vacation.

Q:  Will I receive a golf cart?

A:  All villa rentals guarantee a golf cart as part of our Platinum Supreme VIP membership.  A 6-bedroom villa will receive 2 golf carts.  Other accommodations are not guaranteed a golf cart but a golf cart may be rented for a fee and are subject to availability.

Q:  Is it a timeshare resort and do I have to attend a presentation?

A:  No, it is not a timeshare resort.  The resort does have a vacation club that offers special privileges but it is your choice whether you wish to attend the presentation.

Q:  How do I get to the resort?

A:  As our guests at the resort, all VIP Amenities will be available to you including transportation to and from the Puerto Plata International Airport (POP) or the Santiago International Airport (STI).

Q:  Are there other airports near the resort and would transportation be provided?

A:  Santiago is the only other airport near the resort. The service includes a minibus for up to 6 passengers with luggage.  Travel time from Santiago is just over 1 hour.

Q:  What do I do when I arrive at the airport?

A:  Upon arrival at the airport, you will be required to have ready for inspection all customs and immigration forms completed along with your passports.  You will be required to pay a $10 USD per person arrival tax and obtain a tourist card.  After passing through customs and immigration, you will proceed to the luggage collection area.  Once you have received your luggage, go outside the terminal building and look for your Lifestyle representative transportation host directly outside the door.  He will be carrying a “Name Card” and will take you directly to the resort for VIP check in.

Q:  Can you arrange helicopter pick up from the airport?

A:  Yes we can, but it is not cheap and prices vary based on the number of people and size of luggage.  Helicopter pick up is only available from the Puerto Plata International Airport.  The helicopter can accommodate up to 3 guests.

Q:  Is a taxi expensive?

A:  Taxis are quite expensive.  Airports have boards outside listing the cab fares to various places.  These prices are generally not negotiable.

Q:  Can I rent a car?

A:  Car rentals are readily available, but not recommended.  There are no “rules of the road” in the Dominican Republic and driving can be hazardous.  Insurance is also non-existent.  If you decide to rent a car, be very careful!

Q:  How do I arrange my return to the airport at the end of my vacation?

A:  To arrange transportation to return to the airport, you will need to contact the Lifestyle Customer Service Office at least 2 days prior to your departure.  At the airport you will be required to pay a departure tax of $20 USD per person.

Q:  Are there any additional fees other than the accommodation and all-inclusive costs?

A:  The only mandatory costs are for the accommodations, all-inclusive fees, flights, airport arrival and departure taxes, and any phone calls made from your accommodations.

Q:  What does the All-Inclusive Fee cover?

A:  The All-Inclusive Fee covers all meals and drinks in the resort restaurants and bars (locally produced alcoholic drinks) and all the VIP restaurants and bars (internationally branded spirits, liquors, wines/champagne, cocktails, etc.).  This is a mandatory fee set by the resort.  Please see the Rental Rate Sheet for current pricing.  Children between 3 and 12 years old are 50% of the rate and children under 3 years old are no charge.


Q:  Can I have alcoholic beverages other than beer delivered to my villa?

A:  Sorry, that is a benefit reserved for owners only.  You may go to any VIP lounge and bring back as much as you wish.

Q:  Does the resort offer child care?

A:  Yes the resort does offer child care and this can be arranged at any time while at the resort.

Q:  I have a small pet that I usually travel with, are pets welcome?

A:  Sorry there are no animals allowed, except for those assisting people with special needs.

Q:  Do I need to bring any type of Power Adapter to the resort when I travel there?

A:  The resort uses the same power receptacles found in the U.S.

Q:  Do I need to exchange any U.S. Dollars for Dominican Pesos?

A:  No, The resort and all vendors that I have found take American Currency.

Q:  Does every villa have a pool?

A:  Yes, every villa has a private pool.

Q:  If only two people travel, can we reserve a 5-bedroom villa?

A:  No because the villa is arranged based on the number of people staying.  In circumstances where one couple travels and they want a villa, a 3-bedroom villa will be reserved.

Q:  Is the internet available in the villa?

A:  No, but there is free internet in the VIP lobby and VIP café.

Q:  Are there any laundry facilities within the Villa?

A:  No there are not any located within your villa, however the resort does offer laundry service and there are laundry facilities located within the resort

Q:  Does the Villa have a Safe for my valuables?

A:  Yes each villa has a safe that you can rent from the VIP Check-In desk.  Cost is $20.00 per week.

Q:  Is there a refund policy?

A:  There are no refunds for no-shows, early departures, or cancellations.  If you are unable to make your travel dates and notify Best VIP Resorts in writing at least 30 days in advance of your travel dates, we will make every attempt to reschedule your trip based on resort availability.  We will pass along any booking change fees incurred.

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